About Us

  • Founded in Beirut by insurance pioneers and a group of investors, Conseil et Gestion d’Assurance (CGA) is a privately-owned firm that specializes in insurance and reinsurance brokerage in the Middle East.
  • Today, CGA Insurance Group is recognized as one of the region’s leading brokerage firms, providing a full range of tailored insurance and reinsurance coverage services via its offices in Beirut, Doha, Kuwait, Baghdad, and Erbil.
  • By drawing on the extensive expertise of its managerial teams across the Middle East and continually tailoring its products and services in response to evolving needs, CGA aims to become the region’s most trusted broker and risk adviser.
  • Over the years, CGA has built a substantial international client base across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, providing risk solutions to a variety of clients, ranging from individuals, families and groups to businesses and corporations. In a competitive environment, CGA strives to continuously provide its clients with concrete benefits and advantageous offerings based on its history of excellence and trust.

Our History

Founder, Chairman and General Manager, Fouad Kamel, built CGA on the foundations of over five decades in the industry. In 1967, he established Kamel Insurance Office (KIO), a privately owned insurance brokerage firm, and then in 1973, he co-founded The Overseas Insurance & Reinsurance Co. SAL in Beirut, Lebanon.

By the 1990s, Kamel expanded KIO’s operational activities to Saudi Arabia, where in a joint venture with Al Rajhi Group, he initiated the Al Rajhi Insurance Company. His journey led him back to CGA, where with other board members, they created a forward-thinking, well-defined structure.

Our Expertise

With a 50-year track record and a team consisting of some of the industry’s most talented individuals, CGA has successfully built long-lasting professional relationships with some of the world’s largest and most reputable insurance companies. Furthermore, due to our extensive experience, we have developed strong working relationships with leading global reinsurance companies, which provide us with exceptional services, helping us do the same for our clients.

Consistently aware of the evolving needs and the rise of new risks, we are driven to innovate and adapt existing products that make sense for our clients. We are dedicated to offering our clients exceptional after-sales services, providing them with high-level claim handling services, allowing them to move forward steadily in their operations.

Our People

CGA is run by celebrated and awarded professionals, who serve as the firm’s trusted advisors and brokers. With their profound industry knowledge and practical business judgment, they continually offer their clients the most seamless and effective experience and services.

CGA’s client-centric strategy imposes constant availability and instant cooperation. Our team prides itself on its expertise, practical judgment and its professional relations with insurance suppliers. Thanks to the CGA business model, which encourages active collaboration, teamwork and creativity, we are able to continuously offer our clients the most seamless and efficient experience.

Competitive in nature, at CGA we firmly believe that our success is based on always being available to our clients, responding immediately to their needs in ways that bigger, less flexible firms cannot.

With Fouad Kamel, a pioneer in the regional insurance business, at the helm of our team, CGA will continue to form ironclad ties with clients by continually evolving and strategically advising.